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Swinger Barrel

Added 2008-10-14 Good Rating 52.7%

Pictures From A Swinger Party With A Bunch Of Mediocre Ladies. Not That I Wouldn't Love To Bang Them.

Slutty Milf

Added 2008-10-14 Good Rating 50.5%

Big Collection Of Dildos For A Big, Old Slut! I Bet This Girl Has Been Backended More Times Than A Ford Pinto!

Hairy Milf

Added 2008-10-13 Good Rating 51.7%

Really Messy And Hairy Pussy Getting Finger Blasted While Her Panties Are To The Side. Thanks Argeit.


Added 2008-10-13 Good Rating 50%

This Chick Would Be A Stripper Nearing The End Of Her Career For Sure In America. In Belarus, Her Husband Is Her Only Customer.

Creamy Milf

Added 2008-10-12 Good Rating 53.6%

Scorching Hot Milf Playing With Her Mature Pussy On The Living Room Carpet. She Shows A Nice Creampie Too.


Added 2008-10-12 Good Rating 53%

Meaghan Tries To Hide Her Face, But I Think I Could Still Pick Her Fine Ass Out At The Couger Bar. Nice Slim Figure.


Added 2008-10-12 Good Rating 51.3%

Hot Pictures From Apom's Mistress. She Is A Busty Young Babe And Apom Is Lucky To Have Her Considering The 17 Year Age Gap.


Added 2008-10-12 Good Rating 50.7%

Clara Is Recently Divorced And Loves To Splash Around On The Bar Scene To Look For Young Cock.

Nice Grandma

Added 2008-10-11 Good Rating 52.5%

This New Grandmother Isn't Shy To Show Her Swollen Pussy After It Gets Beaten By A Rubber Cock.

Blonde Milf

Added 2008-10-11 Good Rating 52.3%

Mature Blonde With A Nice Hairy Beaver. She Is A Hot 40-something Year Old Bombshell! I Love The Patent Leather Boots.


Added 2008-10-11 Good Rating 51.8%

Revenge Pics From Gary Of His Exwife Cathy. Nice Mix Of Nudes And Even A Wedding Picture Lol, Thanks Gary.

Hot Amateur

Added 2008-10-11 Good Rating 50.9%

Big Sagging Natural Breasts And A Nice Ass On This Amateur Babe. Looks Like She Is Getting Ready For A Ball Or Something.

Ass For Days

Added 2008-10-10 Good Rating 52.5%

Big Deadly Ass On This Girl. Wow, If She Backs That Ass Up On You, You Will Know It. The Black Chappies Will Love This Girl.

Asian Freak

Added 2008-10-10 Good Rating 52.5%

Asian Beth Was The Freaky Exgirlfriend Of Vusa Who Packs A Bit Of Heat. She Couldn't Handle The Mississippi Black Snake At First.

Beautiful Blonde

Added 2008-10-10 Good Rating 52%

Mike Was Married To This Girl When She Was At Her Prime. Look At That Body! She Was A Professional Dancer For Years.

Hot Mom

Added 2008-10-10 Good Rating 50.7%

Interesting Censoring Technique Attempted On This Mom. Not A Bad Body For A Woman Her Age, I Would Love To Hit It!

Hot Blonde

Added 2008-10-09 Good Rating 52.5%

Looks Like This Is The First Sun That Her Skin Has Seen In A Long Time. She's Really Hot Though. What Breasts!


Added 2008-10-09 Good Rating 52.5%

Some Intense Close Ups Of This Girl Getting Every Hole On Her Body Stuffed. What A Horny Milf!


Added 2008-10-09 Good Rating 51%

Kristen Is Working Towards Fitting Her Whole Fist Inside Of Her Pussy. For Now, Only The First 3 Are Fitting In. Good Looking Woman Tho.


Added 2008-10-09 Good Rating 51.2%

This Hot Milf Is All Oiled Up And Ready To Go. What A Body On This Chick, She Must Work At A Gym Or Something.


Added 2008-10-08 Good Rating 52.6%

Grabing A Wife On The Second Time Around Is Way Better Than Marrying A Rookie. This Way She Appreciates You And Will Go The Extra Mile!

Biker Chick

Added 2008-10-08 Good Rating 52.2%

No Story With This One, But I'm Guessing That He Met Her At A Biker Rally, And She Just Never Left.

Hippie Couple

Added 2008-10-08 Good Rating 50.5%

Classic Hippie Throwback! I Think That He Is A Bit Before His Time Getting Tongue Deep In That Ass. This Is The First Ever Rimjob.


Added 2008-10-08 Bad Rating 42.4%

Johnathan's Exwife Peggy In The Shower, And Around The House. After Over A Decade, It Was Time For Him To Move On.

Trailer Emma

Added 2008-10-07 Good Rating 53.1%

What Do You Know? Charles Ended Up Deciding That Emma Wasn't The Girl For Him, And He Wanted To Publish These.


Added 2008-10-07 Good Rating 53.2%

46 Year Old Mother Of 4 Who Our Submitter Wanted To Stick With, But She Is Now Seeing Some Other Guy She Met At A Hockey Game.


Added 2008-10-07 Good Rating 52.8%

I Think This Woman Looks Like A Younger Version Of Sarah Palin. She Could Be President After McCain Dies!

Fist Insertion

Added 2008-10-07 Good Rating 50.8%

Usually The Idea Is To Try To Keep Your Woman's Pussy Tight Over The Years You're With Her. Karreif Is Trying Something Different.


Added 2008-10-06 Good Rating 52.7%

This Young Couple Loves To Show Off, And I Think We Will See More Of Emma And Stan In The Future. Hot Exhibitionism.


Added 2008-10-06 Good Rating 52.4%

I'm Glad This Cock Hungry Slut Isn't My Mom. Hope She's Not Yours Either, But You Had To Know It Was Coming!


Added 2008-10-06 Good Rating 51.6%

Great Pussy On This 30 Year Old Specimen. Too Bad That Is Pretty Much All We Get. I Would Love To Put A Finger In There.


Added 2008-10-06 Good Rating 50.7%

Jon Submits Pictures Of Him Defiling His Young Wife Sidney. She Is A Hot Little Number, You Are A Lucky Man.

Been Around

Added 2008-10-05 Good Rating 51.3%

Swinger Chick Is Well Known In The Erotic Circles Where She Lives. She Has Had A Lot Of Cocks In Her.


Added 2008-10-05 Good Rating 51%

Great Looking Girl, Especially Considering That Kelli Had A Baby Under A Year Ago. Nice To See A Mom Who Doesn't Shy Away From Being DPed.

Swollen Pussy

Added 2008-10-05 Bad Rating 49.6%

Not Totally Sure What The Story On This Woman's Pelvic Bone Is? Doesn't That Look A Little Off To You In The One Picture?


Added 2008-10-05 Bad Rating 49.7%

Bit Of A Strange Choice For A Doggystyle Tattoo On This One. I'm Guessing She's A Bit Excentric. Thanks To Kevin.

80s Milf

Added 2008-10-04 Good Rating 53.3%

Classic 80s Milf! She Has The Standard Hairdo For The Time Period, But She Surprisingly Is Shaved Down Below.


Added 2008-10-04 Good Rating 51.6%

This Surly Girl Was Always Giving Stan A Rough Time About Everything. They Only Stayed Married A Year, And He Doesn't Seem To Miss Her!

Greek Milf

Added 2008-10-04 Good Rating 51.5%

Greek Milf Loves It In Every Hole. We Didn't Get As Much Hardcore As I Would Have Liked, But It Will Have To Do.


Added 2008-10-04 Good Rating 50.8%

Old Pics, But Good Ones. There Are A Few In Here Of Things I Had Never Seen Before. A New Way To Eat A Banana, And A DP Creampie.

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