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Nice Broad

Added 2008-12-07 Good Rating 53.6%

This Is A Good Looking Older Woman. I Expected To See Some Big Fake Tits On A Woman Like This, But I Prefer Her Without Them.


Added 2008-12-07 Good Rating 52.7%

Mature Barb In Some Nice Stocking And Upskirt Pics. Is She In Christmas Lingerie? Sexy Mature Diva, Thanks For The Show.

Fit Chick

Added 2008-12-07 Good Rating 52.4%

This Chick Used To Be A Fitness Pageant Contestant, Now She Works At The Gym And Her Salary Goes To The Tanning Salon.

Nice Fake Tits

Added 2008-12-06 Good Rating 56.6%

Linda's Body Makes A Good Case For Plastic Surgery. She Had Her Tits Done When She Was 20 And They Still Look 18!


Added 2008-12-06 Good Rating 52.4%

Now These Two Are MILFs! Putting A Corset On A Woman Who Already Has A Waist Like That Should Be Illegal.

Hairy Bitch

Added 2008-12-06 Good Rating 53%

Without A Trim, I'm Guessing That This Pussy Was So Hairy That The Dildo Couldn't Find A Way In.

Black Cock

Added 2008-12-06 Good Rating 51.7%

Dennis Is Angry And Surprised That This Girl Ended Up Leaving Him For A Black Guy. Didn't Notice The Dildo?

Hot Momma!!

Added 2008-12-05 Good Rating 55.3%

It Took Dave A Really Long Time To Get These So He Hopes You Enjoy Them. I'm Sure He Enjoyed Taking Them. Sexy Girl!


Added 2008-12-05 Good Rating 54.3%

Sue Is Still A Hot Piece Of Mature Ass. She Has Two Boys In Highschool, And You Know That Their Friends All Want To Fuck Her.

Hairy Pussy

Added 2008-12-05 Good Rating 50%

These Naturals Are A Little Saggy, And The Pussy Has Lots Of Hair. It's Refreshing Even If You're Not Into Bush Though!


Added 2008-12-04 Good Rating 55.8%

Changing It Up With A Little Nude In Public Pics Of A Hot Young Woman. I Love This Exhibitionist Stuff.

Valley Slut

Added 2008-12-04 Good Rating 53.6%

This Girl Knows How To Have Fun. She Has Fucked Every Swinging Couple In The Valley. If You're In The LA Area Keep An Eye Out.


Added 2008-12-04 Good Rating 50.3%

Dave Decides To Share Some Pictures Of His New Fiancee Andrea. She Is A Cute Babe, Congratulations!


Added 2008-12-03 Good Rating 52.6%

Sal Has A 45 Year Old Hairy Pussy, And She Gets Is Completely Filled With Cream By Her Husband. Would Like To See Anal Cream.

Blonde 2

Added 2008-12-03 Good Rating 52.6%

Doing A Little Better In This Series. Nice Clear Pictures Of This Gorgeous Blonde Wife With Big Fake Tits.

Vacation Nudes

Added 2008-12-03 Good Rating 52%

If You're Not Married, The Only Good Reason To Take A Woman Over Thirty On Vacation Is That You Will Get Some Nudes.

Blonde WIfe 1

Added 2008-12-03 Good Rating 51.4%

You'd Think That If You Can Afford A Woman Like This, Or Implants Like Those, You Might Have A Camera That Doesn't Streak.

Hot Argentinian

Added 2008-12-02 Good Rating 53.5%

If You Move Down To South America, Don't Be Surprised If You Get Hot Weather, $1.70 On Your Dollar, And A Beautiful Brunette.


Added 2008-12-02 Good Rating 53%

Jaime Is A Teacher At A Primary School. I Wonder What Her Students Would Think Of Her After Work Escapades!

Wedding Pics

Added 2008-12-02 Good Rating 52.6%

Some Wedding Pictures From Two Hippies Who Were Recently Married In Alaska. Mostly Just Softcore, But A Nice Young Couple.

Hairy Milf

Added 2008-12-02 Good Rating 51.9%

Nice Hairy Milf Pussy On This Spanish Bird, But I Don't Dig The Hair Under Her Arms. Cultural Differences I Suppose.

Shaved Milf

Added 2008-12-01 Good Rating 55.7%

Nice Shaved Pussy On This Girl, But There Is A Little Fur Around That Tight Balloon Knot. Thanks For Sharing Guys.

Hot Lady

Added 2008-12-01 Good Rating 52.8%

Sexy Young Wife Flashes Her Shit All Over The Forest And Then Goes Home And Fills Her Holes With Her Fist And Some Toys.

Tight Body

Added 2008-12-01 Good Rating 52.6%

Sylvie Is In Better Shape Today Than She Was When She Was 18. That Gym Membership Is Really Paying Off. Looking Fantastic!


Added 2008-12-01 Good Rating 51.4%

Minda Has Been Stretching Her Ass With The Same Dildo For Years Now. Look At The Destroyed Long Lips On That Pussy.


Added 2008-11-30 Good Rating 53%

Follow Lenson's Lead And Marry The First Woman You Come Across Who Is Willing To Do This Kind Of Shit For You. Thanks Len.


Added 2008-11-30 Good Rating 50.8%

Pictures Of Juan's Ex Wife From Before They Were Engaged. He Doesn't Want Her Face Out There, But You Can Still Tell She Was Hot.


Added 2008-11-29 Good Rating 52.1%

Patti Just Turned Forty And She Wants To Feel Sexy Again. I Am Here To Tell You, You Never Stopped Being Sexy Hun.


Added 2008-11-29 Good Rating 51.7%

Natural Redhead, But The Carpet Doesn't Match The Drapes. How Is It Possible To Have A Watch Tan And Still Look Like A Glass Of Milk?

Beach Pussy

Added 2008-11-29 Good Rating 51.7%

Some Great Pictures Of A Hot Woman Lying On The Beach Covered In Oil. You Are Looking Great Baby, Keep The Pictures Coming Guys.

The Ex

Added 2008-11-28 Good Rating 52.3%

Chad Took These Of His Wife's Big Lipped Pussy Right After She Got Home From The Waxing Salon. He Trader Her In For A Newer Model.

Hot Mistress

Added 2008-11-28 Good Rating 53%

Young Hot Mistress Is Now Pregnant And Is Wanting To Keep The Child. Dylan's Marriage Will Soon Be In Crisis. Can't Say It Wasn't Worth It.


Added 2008-11-28 Good Rating 51.1%

Pat's First Wife Tarin Was Always Nice While They Were Together, But She Has Been A Bother Ever Since. Time For The Secret Weapon!


Added 2008-11-27 Good Rating 53.4%

Something Strangely Appealing With A Grown Woman With A Pixie Cut. I Would Have Guessed That She Was Into Pussy.

Gorgeous Big Tit Milf

Added 2008-11-27 Good Rating 53%

Drawbacks To Marrying A Woman Like This Is That You Get In A Lot Of Fights, And Everybody Stares At You. Good Deal I Think.

Hot Snatch

Added 2008-11-27 Good Rating 53.1%

This One Is In Her Early Thirties, And She Has Kept Her Figure Together Pretty Well. Nice Hairy Snatch On This One.

Teenage Bride

Added 2008-11-27 Good Rating 52.6%

I'm Starting To Believe That The Women Overseas Age Differently Too. This Is An Exwife And Mother Of 2!

Nice Body Milf

Added 2008-11-26 Good Rating 55.4%

A Nice Hairy Pussy And A Set Of Soft Pale Tits. They Look Like They Have Been Full Of Milk Recently. Nice Pics Guys, Thanks.


Added 2008-11-26 Good Rating 53.1%

Some Pictures Of Lesley Dancing At A Swingers Club, And A Few More Of Her At Home With Her Boyfriend Joel.

Anal Kris

Added 2008-11-26 Good Rating 52.2%

Kristina Isn't A Bombshell, But She Will Take It In Every Hole. That Is What Patrick Loved About Her.

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