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Filipina Ex Girl Friend - She Still Send Me Pictures

Added 2010-05-02 Bad Rating 48.3%

Of Course She Does. She Still Wants Your Cock. That And Some Help To Pay For Her 12 Kids And The Rent...!

My GF In The Caribbean - Amateur Pics

Added 2010-05-02 Bad Rating 46.3%

It Seems A Lot Of Dirty Action Happens On 'vacation'. Why Not. Unlimited Booze Room To Yourself...or A Lot Of Drunk People Who I'm Sure Would Not Refuse An Orgy Invite!

Was Fun For A While She Loves Anal But Left Her Kids For A Month Just To Be A Whore Want The Whole World To Know....

Added 2010-05-02 Bad Rating 47.7%

Just A Few Cell Pics Of Tiffani Before She Left Her Kids To Be A Whore...ouch. That's Rough. Well I'm No Expert But I'm Sure Anyone Can Guess That She Won't Be Too Successful...!

My Turkish Wife Part 2 - Very Nice Pussy And Ass

Added 2010-05-01 Bad Rating 47.8%

This Dude Loves Sending In Pics Of His Wife. This Is His 3'rd Or 4'th Set In The Past While. I Definitely Know She Loves Long Hard Objects Inside Her...!

My GF And Husband Together For Me To Take Pictures - From Santo Domingo

Added 2010-05-01 Bad Rating 47%

Wow. Your Hubby Is One Lucky Dude. Not Too Many Men Have The Pleasure Of Openly Fucking 2 Hot Woman At The Same Time. And It's Not Even Considered Cheating. Bonus...!

Susan The Whore

Added 2010-04-30 Bad Rating 48.5%

Susan And I Were Dating After Her Divorce And The Cunt Was Fucking 3 Other Guys! Hmmm...wonder Why She Got Divorced In The First Place


Added 2010-04-30 Bad Rating 47.8%

Some Nasty Pics Of My Chubby Gf. Please Comment And Enjoy. Love Cum Tributes And Degrading Comments! Does She Know These Are Up Here....?

Rebecca Compton - The Girl My Husband And I Had A Threesome With!!!

Added 2010-04-30 Bad Rating 48%

The Girl My Husband And I Had A Threesome With!!! - Usually When I Get Pics With A Title Like That, I'm Usually Expecting A Swamp Donkey. But This One's Actually Hot. Nicely Done..!

My Chinese MILF

Added 2010-04-30 Bad Rating 45.2%

First Time Poser At 41! Chinese Lady Loves To Show It! She's A Cutie. I'd Put My Dumplings In Her Mouth Any Day!

I'm A Dirty Slut And Love To Been Seen And Exposed

Added 2010-04-29 Bad Rating 47%

I Love When Older Woman Talk Dirty To Me. Maybe It Reminds Me Of My Mother In A Way Which Is Really Really Gross...!

Mu Pussy - My Hot Sexy Wife

Added 2010-04-29 Bad Rating 47.2%

Here's A Few Pics Of My Wife In Our Hotel Room. She Likes To Pose. That's Right Baby. Spread Em...!

My Girls Big Old Titties

Added 2010-04-29 Bad Rating 48.1%

Whoa...! Look At The Fun Bags On This Babe. I Could Get Lost In Those Things. Quite The Fancy Footwork As Well. Nice Set...!

My Türkish Wife Part 1 -

Added 2010-04-29 Bad Rating 46.2%

Another Amateur Submission Of A Hot Turk...! We've Been Seeing Quite A Few Of You Slutty Foreigners Lately. Could You Maybe Package Those Panties Up In A Bag And Send Em Over To Me...?

Slut I Banged For A Few Months.

Added 2010-04-28 Bad Rating 47.8%

She Was A Nutcase Who Wanted To Marry Me After A Month So Had To Cut Her Loose. But Was A Pretty Good Fuck. She Looks Tight. Don't Delete Her Digits. She'd Be Good For A Drunk Booty Call

My Ex Being A Slut On A World Tour

Added 2010-04-28 Bad Rating 47.3%

This Is My Ex Getting Fucked By Yet Another Stranger When She Decided To Tour The World! Really...? I Wish I Knew This When I Was Touring The World.

Japanese Wife Hitomi!

Added 2010-04-28 Bad Rating 47.7%

My Sexy Amateur Japanese Wife Hitomi! I Hear The Japs Love The Cock. But All Asian Woman Love The Bukkake!

Fucking The Wife

Added 2010-04-28 Bad Rating 43%

Hot Use Of The Mouth And Pussy. Hot Use Eh... Besides Kissing And Fucking Which Most Normal People Do When They FUCK...!

Hot Wife! - Zoey

Added 2010-04-27 Bad Rating 49.9%

Freaky Zoey... Hello There. Those Are Some Sweet Shit Kicker Boots You Got Going There. I See Your Into Some Crazy Shit Here. Hey...who Am I To Judge. I'll Try Anything Twice....!

My Hungarian Wife Nude - Magyar Feleség

Added 2010-04-27 Bad Rating 47.4%

She Looks Like A Dirty No Name 80's Euro Porn Star. Sloppy Titties, Furry Little Muff And Brutal Tan Lines. She Make For A Good Homemade Flick. I Bet You Could Put Pretty Much Anything In Her Ass!

My Cougar Wife Taylor Marie

Added 2010-04-27 Bad Rating 47.3%

She Is One Hot Mother. Nice Snag. I Bet She Is By Far The Hottest Mom At The Soccer Field Or Local Hockey Arena. Does She Have Hot Friends...? Usually Hot Cougars Flock Together. And I'm Usually About 10 Steps Behind Them Sporting A Hard On

My Old Lady Loves Breakfast

Added 2010-04-27 Bad Rating 46.8%

My Wife Only Let Me Snap These Pics Because I Ate Her Out For Almost An Hour Before She Made This Call. You Munched On Her Box For An Hour...? I Bet You're Still Finding Pubic Hair Lodged In Your Teeth

Mary Glasgow - Nude 4 U

Added 2010-04-26 Bad Rating 48.4%

Good For You Granny...! I Love To See That Not All Old People Are Gross And Boring. This Granny Is Even Keeping With The Times With Her Bald Little Wrinkly Clit. Last Time I Sneaked A Peak On My Granny In The Tub She Didn't Look As Good As This

Hairy Chick I Banged Way Back When

Added 2010-04-26 Bad Rating 47.4%

Amateur Dude Sends In Some Pics He Found On Some Old Floppy's From The Windows 98 Days. Pie...! She's Definitely A Natural If You Catch My Drift. It's Been A While Sine I've Seen Pit Hair On A Woman. Probably Since I Went To Africa On A Jungle Sex Excursion Where You Get To Bang Natives With Your Flight Confimation!

Slutty Housewife - Pics Of Wife Before She Cheated On Me With My Friend

Added 2010-04-26 Bad Rating 47%

Ouch. It's Always Worse When It's Close To Home Like That. But You Got The Upper Hand In The End. My Buddy Once Told Me... If You Demoralize Them And Penetrate Their Ass On A Regular Basis... You Definitely Came Out On Top.

Mmmmmmmmm...Sex With My Wife

Added 2010-04-26 Bad Rating 46.7%

Here's A Few Snaps Of Me And My Wife Having Some Fun. Fuck Man...her Pussy Reminds Me Of The Deli Counter At My Local Supermarket. Not Too Sure If It's Pastrami Or Smoked Meat Though...?

Amateur Hungarian Wifes

Added 2010-04-25 Bad Rating 48.1%

Here Whole Set Of Amateur Hungarian Housewives. For The Most Part Not Too Bad. The First Few Though. Look Out..not Too Sure Whether Or Not I'd Step Anywhere Within 10 Feet Of Those Chicks

Freundin - Amateur Wife Pics From Ukraine

Added 2010-04-25 Bad Rating 47.7%

Wtf Is That Red Shit From...? Next Time Check Your Pics Before You Send Them In. Looks Like You Jizzed Some Sort Of Acid Or Something On There. Hope You Got That Shit Looked At

Asian Wife Hitomi - Slut Nightly Fun!

Added 2010-04-25 Bad Rating 46.7%

Hi Hitomi! You Are One Sexy Little Asian Whore. I Tried To Find A Cutie Like You On Many Of My Travels To The Orient. Never Found You, But I Fucked A LOT Of Hookers In Between!

My Sexy Wife Dianna - Washington Amateur Housewife

Added 2010-04-24 Bad Rating 49.2%

My Hot Wife. The Wives In My Neighborhood Reminds Me Of The Show Desperate Housewives. Good Thing My Wife Is Smoking Hot. All My Buddies Are Jealous Of Me. They Tell Me All The Time How Hot My Wife Is. It's Kind Of A Turn On To Be Honest.

Amateur Woman I Used To Fuck - Wendy Stevenson Getting Some Before Work

Added 2010-04-24 Bad Rating 48.7%

She Loves Sex And A Queen Size Cock. She Couldn't Get Enough Of The Big Dildos As All The Guys She Does Couldn't Even Fill Her Up. Like A Hot Dog Down A Hallway

More Of My Hot Exhibitionist Wife - FLA Trip 2008

Added 2010-04-24 Bad Rating 48.2%

Another Set Of My Wife. I Love Watching Her Fuck Strangers. It's Such A Rush For Me. We Picked This Guy Up At The Olive Garden On Our Last Trip To FLA. It Didn't Take Much Persuading Once My Wife Started Rubbing His Cock Through His Pants At The Bar!

Hungarian House Wife - Best Hungarian Wife Nude (magyar Feleség)

Added 2010-04-23 Bad Rating 48.5%

Hungarian Eh. I Would've Say Greek! Let's Be Honest Tho. Who Fucking Cares Where She's From. I Just Want To Fuck Her!

My Wife Is An Exhibitionist!

Added 2010-04-23 Bad Rating 47.8%

My Wife Is An Exhibitionist! Anywhere We Go She's Always Wanting To Fuck Or Get Naked. She Loves The Thrill Of Getting Caught. We Actually Met At A Swingers Party And Havn't Looked Back Since!

I Fucked This 34 Year Old Latina Slut

Added 2010-04-23 Bad Rating 48.5%

Pretty Good For Her Age!! Not Too Shabby At All. It's Funny How Some Cultures Shave The Bush.....and Some Do Not...!

My EX - Blonde Bombshell

Added 2010-04-23 Bad Rating 47.5%

Here Are A Few Snaps Of My Ex Wife Form When We Went To Barbados. She Loved Guzzling Down A Few Bottles Of Vino And Letting Me Naughty Things To Her. That Vacation She Let Me Stick It In Her Ass For The First Time. I Love The Barbados!

My Mature Wife For You - Please Cum To Her Pictures

Added 2010-04-22 Bad Rating 49.5%

Love The Housewives...! One Of My First Was A MILF. Not One As Hot As You Have Here. But She Definitely Showed Me The Ropes.

Amateur Susan - An Old Slut I Fucked For Awhile

Added 2010-04-22 Bad Rating 47.6%

Susan Loved Being Used Abused. She Used To Talk To Real Dirty To Me. She Let Me Do Almost Anything To Her. She Liked It In The Ass

New Hampshire Hoe - Fat Mother Of 1

Added 2010-04-22 Bad Rating 46.2%

She Is A Chunky One There Pal. Nice Tight Little Ass On Her, But That Is One Juicy Clit And Lips...!

Wifey Is A Freak

Added 2010-04-22 Bad Rating 45.5%

Pics I've Accumulated Over The Years Of Me, The Wife And Some Mutual Friends! - Those Are Some Nice Snapshots You Got There. Looks Like We Have An Amateur Hugh Hefner On Our Hands

Asian MILF Janice Shows Her Stuff...

Added 2010-04-21 Bad Rating 49.4%

Woman From Local Chinese Restaurant In Milwaukee Posing Nude. I Love Ramming My Chopsticks In Her Ass And My Dumplings In Her Mouth. She Does Too!

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