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Self Submission

Added 2010-05-17 Bad Rating 49.6%

My Name Is Margaret. I Live In Chicago Illinois. I'm Recently Divorced And Looking For Fun. Come Down The Whistling Moose And Buy Me A Drink. If You Live Near Me You'll Know Where To Be...!

Cheating EX Wife

Added 2010-05-17 Bad Rating 49.8%

Sooo I Found These Pics On My Wife's Digital Camera. Shitty Thing Is, That's Not My Cock. We Got A Divorce The Next Week. I Hope Your Living On The Streets You Slut.

My Ex Whore Of A Wife

Added 2010-05-17 Bad Rating 49%

Ever Tasted Another Dude's Dick...? Ya Well I Hadn't Either Until I Found My Wife Was Cheating On Me With Some Asshole From Her Work. I Used To Eat Her Pussy Not Long After He Had Cummed In It

BBW Delight - Married Whore

Added 2010-05-16 Bad Rating 49.6%

She's Married, But Keeps Coming Back For More And More... Geeez...BBW Is Right Man. Look At The Size Of Those Nipples. I'd Give Anyone $50 If They Can Their Entire Mouth Around That Thing


Added 2010-05-16 Bad Rating 47.5%

SMALL FLAT AND LOOSE!!!!!!!! A Few Pics Of My Slutty Ex Wife. She Was Lousy In The Sack And A Huge Bitch. Wanna Split On A Charge...?

My Asian Whore

Added 2010-05-16 Bad Rating 45.9%

More Pics Of Me And My Asian Slut. I've Never Met A Girl Who Does Or Even Wants To Do The Things She Does - You've Obviously Never Been To Vegas...!

Dirty Anal Queen

Added 2010-05-15 Good Rating 51.1%

My Ex Was Such A Filthy Whore. She Loved It In Every Hole. She Wanted A Threesome So She Could Experience Double Penetration. I Was Like Noooo Way. I Bet She's A Huge Gangbanging Swinger Now

Our Mexico Trip

Added 2010-05-15 Bad Rating 48.9%

My Babe Loves Posing In Public Places. She Gets A Thrill Out Of It. She'll Pretty Much Strip Down Anywhere And Strut Her Stuff. I Bet All The Local Drunk Street Bums Loved It Too!

My Vietnam Sex Slave

Added 2010-05-15 Bad Rating 46.2%

Me And My Asian Whore I Met In Vietnam. She's A Few Years Older Than Me, But She Loves White American Guys. She Was A Hooker/stripper Until She Moved In With Me. Sorry Guys...!

Panty Collection

Added 2010-05-15 Bad Rating 43.7%

Can You Tell My Wife Has A Nice Panty Collection? She Loves Buying New Ones And Modeling Them For Me. Soon I'll Send Over Some Lingerie Photos

My Slutty Dirty Ex Pt 2

Added 2010-05-14 Good Rating 50.6%

Here's More Of My Anal Loving Whore Of An Ex. Just Look What She Let ME Do To Her Ass, Let Alone Anyone What Anyone Has Done To It By Now

My Horny Ex Wife

Added 2010-05-14 Good Rating 50.1%

My Ex Wife Posing. Soft And Gentle On The Outside, But Deep Down She's Nice And Dirty. When We First Got Married It Was A Hassle To Get A Blowjob. But Now It's A Morning Ritual.

My Buddy's EX Wife - She Is A Good Lay

Added 2010-05-14 Bad Rating 48.9%

Sorry Had To Be Done. If It Wasn't Me It Would've Been One Of The Guy's. If It Makes A Difference She's An Incredible Fuck!


Added 2010-05-14 Bad Rating 47.7%

DON'T TALK WITH YOUR MOUTH FULL ! Ha Ha Ha. My Mother Always Used To Tell Me That When I Was Younger. But If She Has A Cock In Her Mouth We'll Make An Exception!

Fun With The Girlfriend - A Nights Romp

Added 2010-05-13 Good Rating 50.3%

A Nights Romp... Sounds Like A Cheesy Porno You Can Order From Your Local Cable Network. The Ones Where You See The Lady Who Bagged Your Groceries Sucking Dick And Taking It In The Ass!

Masquerade Games

Added 2010-05-13 Bad Rating 47.1%

She Love To Play This Kinda Of Games. She's All About Dressing Up And Loves Fetish Sex. Ropes, Cuffs, Chains, She Likes It All - More Importantly Does She Like Anal...?

I Do It All To Her - My Wife The Cum Slut

Added 2010-05-13 Bad Rating 45.4%

I Do It All To Her. My Wife Loves Being Naughty On Cam. When I Mention The Cam Her Clothes Are Off And She's Trying To Put My Cock In Her Mouth!

The Training Of Charly - What A Whore She Was

Added 2010-05-12 Bad Rating 48.7%

Charly, My Ex, Is Probably The Nastiest Fuck I've Ever Had. So Please, Watch Her Get Bound, Gagged, Humiliated And Abused.

Me & My Wife Fingering Her Pussy

Added 2010-05-12 Bad Rating 47.6%

My Babe Has The Sexiest Pussy Ever. I Love Burying My Fingers Deep In Her Mound. Hey Dude. To Each Their Own. Just Like A Garage Sale, 1 Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure

My Ex - With And Without Hairy Pussy

Added 2010-05-12 Bad Rating 46.4%

My Ex Girl And Her Pussy. Some Pics With The Hair...and Some Without. I Think I Can Speak For Most And Say We Prefer Her Without!

My Ex Asian Pussy - She Likes White Dicks

Added 2010-05-11 Bad Rating 48.9%

Of Course She Does. It Runs In Her Blood. Her Mother Has Been Probably Sucking On White Dicks For Years Trying To Save Up To Get To This Country.

My Sexy Wife From Sarina Loves To Gape Her Cunt Wide

Added 2010-05-11 Bad Rating 48.1%

My Sexy Wife's Gaping Pink Hairy Spread Cunt Taken From Behind. She Loves Spreading Her Vagina For Me. She Lets Me In A Chair In The Corner And Watch While She Plays. Such A Turn-on!

Sexy Ex - Enjoy Guys

Added 2010-05-11 Bad Rating 48.1%

Here's My Ex. She Was A Horny Little Thing. She Was A Nympho... Sex For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner - Sounds Like A Good Spread To Me. Can I Come Over For A Meal...?

Amateur Submission - Meine Freundin 2

Added 2010-05-11 Bad Rating 46.3%

Bottle Savvy...! By Looks Of These Pics Your Wife Is Definitely A Party Favorite. What's The Name Of That Game Again...spin The Bottle Up Her Rectum...?

Some Things Were Never Meant To Be...

Added 2010-05-10 Bad Rating 48.5%

Here's A Few Pictures Of Me And My Ex Girlfriend Fucking. She Was Such A Good Little Fuck. I Never Fucked A Tighter Pussy. That's Definitely A Good Lay.


Added 2010-05-10 Bad Rating 46.7%

Here's A Hot Little Cougar To Start Your Week Off Right. If You're Lucky, You Might Just See This Minx On Your Morning Work Commute

One Horny & Dirty Milf - Creampie Queen

Added 2010-05-10 Bad Rating 46.4%

Nothing Like A MILF Who Loves Cum In Her Holes... Who Doesn't Like A Good Creampie Sandwich...? I Love When They Hold It In And Then Squirt It Out Hours Later. Warm Sticky Discharge...

New Red Shoes

Added 2010-05-10 Bad Rating 47.6%

My New Red Shoes, Very Sexy...! Yes They Are. Those Are 1 Hot Pair Of Pumps. Looks Like You Know How To Use Them Too...!

My Wife Heather

Added 2010-05-09 Bad Rating 49%

He's Some Pics My Wife Let Me Take Of Her With My New Camera. I Think The New Camera Was Just An Excuse For Her To Show Her Pussy To The World...!

Redhead Ex-Wife Emily Chained, Fisted And Anal

Added 2010-05-09 Bad Rating 48.8%

Small Emily Chained To The Bed, Spread...showing Her Puffy Pussy. Then Fisted, Followed By Anal And A BJ...never Once Being Un Chained.

My Slutty Whore - Carol From Boston

Added 2010-05-09 Bad Rating 48.3%

Carol Was A Great Cocksucker. She'd Work The Tip For A Bit Before She Moved Onto The Shaft And Balls. Such A Dirty Litte Thing. She Liked It When I'd Shoot My Load All The Way Down The Back Of Her Throat.

My Wife - Having Fun

Added 2010-05-09 Bad Rating 47.4%

Here's A Few Pics I Took Of My Wife Having Fun....hope You Like Them. Quite The Rack On Ur Babe. Those Are 1 Sloppy Set Of Titties. I'd Love To Stick My Face Between Those Mounds And Give Them A Good Motor Boating.

Neighborhood Whore - Redhead With A Hot Body

Added 2010-05-08 Bad Rating 47.1%

She Fucked At Least 3 Guys I Know On My Street. Redheads Are Usually Horny And Slutty. This One Seems To Fit The Description Of A Typical Fire Crotch.

Sarah From Nottingham

Added 2010-05-08 Bad Rating 46.6%

Submissive Little Whore You Have Here. I Love The Garters And Stockings. I Also Love The Pic Of Her Face Down Ass Up With Her Skirt Hiked Up Part Her Knees.

Stupid Bitch I Met From Yahoo Chat

Added 2010-05-08 Bad Rating 47.1%

Red Haired Slut Shows Her Pussy Off While Tied Up. Who Even Knows If This Is Her Man. The Whole Time You Could Of Been Chatting With A 54yr Old Over Weight Single Man! Yikes...!

Me And My Wife Fucking

Added 2010-05-08 Bad Rating 43.7%

My Sexy Babe Knows How To Get Me Going. She's Horny 24/7 And Always Milks Me Right To The End. I've Almost Talked Her Into A Threesome. I'll Keep You Posted On My Progress

My Ex Melissa - Elementary School Teacher, Now Having A Baby. Decided She Liked Other Cock

Added 2010-05-07 Bad Rating 49.4%

Teacher Eh. Super Hot. Who Doesn't Love A Dirty Hot School Teacher...? Where Were Slutty Teachers Like This When I Was In Grade School...?

Joyce, My Sexy 50yr Old Ex

Added 2010-05-07 Bad Rating 46%

A Few Pictures Of My Hairy, Horny, Sexy, Slutty 50yr Old Ex Gf Joyce - Not My Style But I Love To See Older Woman Who Love To Still Get Down And Dirty. I Bet She Loved Anal Didn't She...?

Redhead Ex - This Girl Pissed Me Off And Said The Magic Words, "what Are You Gonna Do About It"

Added 2010-05-07 Bad Rating 45.8%

Ouch. Someone's Pissed Off..! I'd Be More Mad At Myself For Fucking An Ugly Redhead In The First Place

Meine Ex Hure

Added 2010-05-06 Good Rating 50%

Meine Exhure. She's A Beauty. She Has That Exotic Look To Her. The Type You Always Hope To Find When You're On Vacation. I'm Booking My Ticket As We Speak

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