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Hot Housewife - Nancy

Added 2010-04-15 Bad Rating 48.9%

Hi Nancy...! Pretty Tight Body For A Woman Her Age. Muff Nice And Trimmed For A Cougar..and A Perky Set Of Little Titties. You Can Sit On My Hot Rod Anytime!

Here's My Wife Sheryl

Added 2010-04-15 Bad Rating 47.9%

Nice Amateur Set Here. That's A Pretty Sick Hot Tub You Got There Man. Did She Have To Give The Salesman A Blowjob For A Bargain

My Wife's Huge Tits, Pictures Shot With My Cell Phone And Digital Camera, I Have Hundreds To Show U!

Added 2010-04-15 Bad Rating 47.9%

Watching My Wife's Ass Pictures On The Internet Isn't Enough, So I'm Uploading Her Boobs Now! Tomorrow Ill Upload More Of This Huge Tits!

Iza 31, Polish Wife-slut

Added 2010-04-15 Bad Rating 46.4%

Here's A Few Amateur Pics Sent In From A Polish Dude Of His Ex Wife's Pussy. Not Too Bad For 31. But Wtf The Fuck Is That Thing Hanging Out Of It...?

My Wife Taking It Deep Into Her Ass

Added 2010-04-14 Bad Rating 49.2%

Yesterday I Submitted My Wifes Ass After I Fucked It. Now Im Submitting My Wifes Ass Getting Fucked Deep!

Virgie The Cheating Whore Wife

Added 2010-04-14 Bad Rating 47.9%

My Ex-Wife V Cheated On Me With At Least 3 Guys, She Does Anything Guys, Especially Loves Anal. I Think I Saw Her Turning Tricks At The Mexican/USA Border Last Week.

Beth The Whore

Added 2010-04-14 Bad Rating 48.3%

Smoking Hot Amateur Wife. Too Bad She's Your Ex Wife. I Bet She Is Making Some Other Dude One Happy Man

Amanda Getting Naked Again, She Loves Showing Her Pussy Off!!

Added 2010-04-14 Bad Rating 47.1%

This Momma Has A Little Kangaroo Pouch. Scroll Down And Take A Look At Some Of Her Face Shots. Someone Gave Her A Rufie Colada...! After See Her Coochie Tho...I'd Be The One Needing The Drugs.

My Wife

Added 2010-04-13 Good Rating 50.4%

Pics Of My Wife, She's A Mature BBW. Sorry, Can't Show Her Face. I Don't Blame You Bro. If You Did That Everyone In Your Home Town Would Be Wanting To Fuck Her.

My Wifes Anal Collection, I Love To Fuck That Ass!

Added 2010-04-13 Bad Rating 48.5%

Nice Amateur Freshly Fucked Anal Submissions. By The Looks Of That Balloon Knot...she's Taking More Than Cocks Up That Thing. Ouch...!

Ex Wife - Katja

Added 2010-04-13 Bad Rating 46.6%

This Babe's Mannerisms Just Scream Dirty Sex. She Definitely Loves To Be Filled Up With Hard Cock

Latina Ass

Added 2010-04-13 Bad Rating 46.6%

Today Must Be Ass Day. Here's Another Homemade Submission Of Some Sweet Amateur Housewife Ass...!

Latina Chick Sucking My Cock & Posing

Added 2010-04-12 Good Rating 50.2%

I Think He Met Her At Taco Bell. She Served Him Some Shitty Gorditas, And Wanted To Make It Up To Him Somehow.

Nice Amateur Pussy

Added 2010-04-12 Bad Rating 49%

Face Down Ass Up...! Here's A Few Rear End Shots. That Pussy And Ass Are Just Begging To Be Fucked. Just Just Stand There And Look At It, Fuck Those Holes.

My 42 Yr Old Girlfriend

Added 2010-04-12 Bad Rating 46.6%

Not Bad For 42 Years Old. She Totally Reminds Me Of An 80's Porn Star. The Tits, Muff, And Tan Line Are So Old School. I Love It Tho. Takes Me Back To My Childhood. Thanks For The Pics Mike...!

I Love Her But I Like To Share

Added 2010-04-12 Bad Rating 46.7%

Here's Some Recent Shots I Took Of My Babe. Look At Those Tits. She Loves It When I Lube Them Up And Fuck Those Jugs. I Love Spraying Cum All Over Her Chin.


Added 2010-04-11 Bad Rating 48.5%

A Little After-fuck Play With Some Vegetables. Big Cocks Welcome To Apply For Group Fun. Here's An RSVP You Don't Want To Miss Gentleman. Even If You Don't Have A Huge Cock, I;m Sure They Be Okay With An Array Of Fresh Fruits And Vegetables.

Sucking My Dick

Added 2010-04-11 Bad Rating 47.4%

Those Are Some Great Pics You Got There. She's Not Bad For A Old Mom. I Love POV Shit. It Better When Grab The Back Of Their Heads While They're Sucking You Off And Just Bash Their Face Against Your Crotch.

My Wife's Pussy

Added 2010-04-11 Bad Rating 45.6%

John Sent In These Pics Of His Wife's Pussy. Her Snatch Kind Of Reminds Me Of Some Sort Of Extinct Animal. But Hey, At Least He's Fucking Something.

Sweet Seductive Celine.

Added 2010-04-10 Good Rating 54.6%

Celine Is From NY. I Met Her At A Work Convention. She Was Full Of Energy And Always Wanted A Good Pounding. She Used To Wear Sexy Lace Undies All The Time. She Loved When I'd Move Them To The Side And Slide Right In Her Waiting Pussy. Her Vagina Was Always Warm And Moist.

My Blonde Ex G/F

Added 2010-04-10 Bad Rating 47.3%

Thanks Mark...! She's A Beauty. I Love How She's Really Into These Pics And Always Looking Up At You For Approval. Whether That Be By Your Facial Expressions Or Your Cock, I'm Sure You Let Her Know...! Great Amateur Submission.

My German Ex Andi

Added 2010-04-10 Bad Rating 47.7%

Fine Set Of German Mature Titties. They Are Perfect! Kinda Remind Me Of 80's Porno Boobs. I'd Love To Slide My Cock In Between Those Mounds Of Flesh

My Ex !!

Added 2010-04-10 Bad Rating 46.5%

Check Out This Chubby Little Sex Kitten. She Seems To Love Being Filmed. I Have The Feeling She Loved Things Being Shoved In Her Asshole.

Hot 33 Year Old Wife

Added 2010-04-09 Bad Rating 49.1%

My Babe's Favorite Fucking Poses. She Loves To Fuck, But Is Very Particular About Her Positions And Always Is In Charge. Whoever Has The Vagina Is Always The Boss

My Hot Lil Kitten

Added 2010-04-09 Bad Rating 47.9%

My Sexy Gf. She Loves To Dress Up And Pose For Me. She Loves To Have Her Pussy Slapped And Me Nibble On Her Clit

Shannon: My Ex Wife...

Added 2010-04-09 Bad Rating 47.4%

Shannon Is A Mature Whore That Loved Cock Way Too Much. She Had A Fairly Tight Pussy But Some Droopy Ass Lips That Used To Rub Up And Down My Shaft When We Fucked

Slutty Internet Mom

Added 2010-04-09 Bad Rating 44.5%

Another One Who Did It All To See My Big Dick... By Mail. This Was One Slutty Mom Who Sent Me Her Pics Off A Chat Room


Added 2010-04-08 Good Rating 51%

Shitty Things Had TO End The Way They Did. Not Too Sure Who Sucked Better Wife Or Her Sister

My Wife Loves Anal - She Loves To See Her Ass On The Internet

Added 2010-04-08 Bad Rating 47.1%

Me And Her Dildo Deep Into Her Ass. She Beg For The Dildo To Loosen Up Her O-ring....then She'd Want The Big Dog To Come Over And Close The Deal

Wife's Dildo Pics

Added 2010-04-08 Bad Rating 46.7%

My Wife Playing. Nice Shots Of My Wife Shoving A Dildo In Her Snatch. She Cum Like A River Once That Thing Rubbed On Her Lips For A Few Mins


Added 2010-04-08 Bad Rating 45.3%

Here's A Few Shots Of Marla. She Loved To Take It Int He Ass And The Odd Time She Even Request To Lick Mine. So Hot...!

My Slutty Ex

Added 2010-04-07 Good Rating 50.9%

My Slutty X

Milf At Hotel

Added 2010-04-07 Good Rating 50.7%

My Wife

My Whore Ex Wife

Added 2010-04-07 Bad Rating 44.6%

38'' Boobs

Sexy Ex

Added 2010-04-06 Good Rating 51.2%

Sexy & Hot Amateur Mom

Ex-Wife Anne

Added 2010-04-06 Good Rating 50.4%

Anne Plays For The Camera

My Ex Kim

Added 2010-04-06 Bad Rating 48.8%

Mature Broad From Central Maine

Holiday Photos

Added 2010-04-06 Bad Rating 49.1%

My Wife On Our Holidays

Sexxxy Bitch

Added 2010-04-05 Bad Rating 49.7%

Sexxxy Bitch

Slutty Mature Blonde Amateur

Added 2010-04-05 Bad Rating 49.2%

Slutty Mature Blonde Amateur

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