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Super MILF Part 1

Added 2010-06-02 Good Rating 50.6%

Super MILF Part 1 - Here's Some Pictures I Had Taken Of My Ex Wife A Few Years Ago. She Was Really Hot And Loved To Be Fucked Ridiculously Hard Day And Night. That's Why I'm Not Too Surprised When I Found Out She Was Cheating On Me

Super MILF Part 2

Added 2010-06-02 Bad Rating 48.6%

Super MILF Part 2. Here's A Few More Of My Slutty Horny EX. Sorry Just Had To Be Done

Sexting As We Like To Call It

Added 2010-06-02 Bad Rating 47.6%

Some Ladies That Like To Share More Than Just Msgs On Their Cell Phones... - Nothing Better Than Sitting At Your Desk And Wanking To A Fresh New Pic Under Your Desk. Be Honest...we've All Done It

My Ex Wife Moira From NY... - In The Closet Anal Freak

Added 2010-06-02 Bad Rating 44.4%

My Ex Wife Moira From NY... - In The Closet Anal Freak. At First It Was A Finger And Maybe The Tongue. Then After No Time She Was Begging For Larger Objects. I Stopped At The When She Wanted To Be Fisted

X - Wife

Added 2010-06-01 Good Rating 50.8%

Stolen Pics Of Friends X - Wife Cassie, Such A Dirty Slut... - And We Love Dirty Sluts. Thanks For The Submission!

Friend;s Wife

Added 2010-06-01 Bad Rating 49.2%

She Is Reema North Indian Mature And Voluptuous.. Perfect Meat On Her Body To Eat....full Fill Desires ... First She Shy To Camera..but The She XPLODE....


Added 2010-06-01 Bad Rating 47%


Used And Abused Wife

Added 2010-05-31 Good Rating 51.9%

Gangbang Wife Lovs Men, Gloryholes, Anal, Gangbangs And More.... - Sounds Like Another Normal Friday Night For Me On Craigslist...!

Elisa - Slutty Italian Woman

Added 2010-05-31 Bad Rating 47.6%

Naughty Italian Ex Fuck Slut Who Loved Sucking Cock, Elisa Was A Horny And Filthy As They Get. She Sucked Dick Like Spaghetti From A Spoon!

She Played Me Like A Bitch - Stupid Whore

Added 2010-05-31 Bad Rating 47.2%

She Played Me Like A Bitch - Stupid Whore... - Hey At Least You Can Admit It. Now Call Her For Fun And Tell Her You Have Some Strange STD And You Thought She Should Know About It.

Me & My Sexy Babe On Vacation Part 1

Added 2010-05-30 Bad Rating 49.5%

Here's A Few Snaps Of Me And My Wife Sharon On Our Last Vacation To Aruba. She's Such A Natural For The Cam. She Was Shy At First, But Began To Get Turned On By Getting Her Photo Taken. It's A Normal Thing Now.

Me And My Sexy Babe On Vacation Part 2

Added 2010-05-30 Bad Rating 48.2%

Here's Some More Of Sharon. She Just Loves Having Her Pussy Filled With Dildo's, Fingers, Tongues And Cocks. As Long As She Gets Hers She's A Happy Camper

These Are For You Derek You PRICK - Pt.1

Added 2010-05-30 Bad Rating 47.5%

Me And My Husband Of 22 Years Just Got Divorced A Month Ago. I Recently Found Out He Was Fucking The Nanny The Whole Time She Was Staying With Us. I Hope She Gave You Some Strange Disease. Enjoy My Pussy Pics Eberyone...!

These Are For You Derek You PRICK - Pt.2

Added 2010-05-30 Bad Rating 45.2%

Oh Derek You're Going To Regret What You've Done To Me Once I'm Done Having Some Fun. Guess What...remember The Younger Single Guy Who Moved In About Next Door About A Year And A Half Ago...he Pounds My Ass On A Weekly Basis!

Oh Carolina...!

Added 2010-05-29 Good Rating 50.3%

Here's Some Pics Of My New Girl Carolina. I Met Her At Blockbuster By My House. She Has The Sweetest Tasting Pussy And A Tight Body For A Woman Her Age. I'll Be Sure To Post More...!

Oh Carolina....Part 2...

Added 2010-05-29 Bad Rating 48%

More Pics Of My Hot And Sexy Babe Carolina. She Probably One Of The Hottest Woman I Have Ever Slept With. One Buddies All Wanna Fuck Her. I Love It. It Makes We Want Her Even More...!

Horny Pommy Red Head

Added 2010-05-29 Bad Rating 46.7%

Hot & Slutty Summer Fun... - You've Got My Attention. I Definitely Wouldn't Turn Away If I Saw Here Stripping Down At The Beach. A True MILF...!

Tanya 31, From Russia

Added 2010-05-28 Bad Rating 49.4%

She Loves Taking Pictures Of Herself... - Of Course She Does. What The Fuck Else Is There To Do In Russia Besides Smashing Yourself With A Dildo All Day Long Taking Pictures...?

40yr Old Submissive Wife

Added 2010-05-28 Bad Rating 47.8%

She Likes Anal, Fisting, Peeing In My Mouth And Being Used. Want More Like This...send Requests To

Look @ Me - At Home Feeling Frisky

Added 2010-05-28 Bad Rating 47.5%

Me At Home Feeling Frisky... - Frisky Like A Naughty Little Cat? Those Ones Who Lie Around All Day Long Licking And Petting Themselves...?

My Sexy And Hot Girl Posing For Me

Added 2010-05-28 Bad Rating 45.5%

Here's A Few Snaps Of My Latest Catch. She's Def A Hottie And So Far A Nympho. She's Horny 24/7... - Looks Like You Used The Right Bait...!

Cougar I Met In Cuba

Added 2010-05-27 Bad Rating 49.3%

Here's Some Pics Of A Cougar I Met In Cuba Last Year. We Both Traveled Solo And Hooked Up The Second Night There. She Definitely Made That A Trip To Remember

My Hot Wife

Added 2010-05-27 Bad Rating 48.6%

Here's A Bunch Of Random Photos I've Taken Of Wife. Most Of Them Are From Our Travels And The Odd One Is When I Got Her Really Drunk And Willing To Try Anything. Enjoy

Here's My Ex Wife Pt. 2

Added 2010-05-27 Bad Rating 47.8%

Here's My Ex Wife Pt. 2 - We Had A Blast When We Were Married. We'd Always Travel And Somehow Always Fuck To The Sun Coming Up. Trust Me, It's A Good Way To Start Your Day..!

Here's My Ex Wife Pt. 1

Added 2010-05-27 Bad Rating 45.9%

Here's My Ex Wife Pt. 1 - We Had A Blast When We Were Married. We'd Always Travel And Somehow Always Fuck To The Sun Coming Up. Trust Me, It's A Good Way To Start Your Day..!

Where Can You Find A Better Ass...?

Added 2010-05-26 Bad Rating 48.9%

Check Out The Ass On This Housewife. She Reminds Me Of One Of Those Girls From A Girls Gone Wild Video...but A Years Older...and Obviously More Experienced And Willing...!

Sexy American MILF Housewife

Added 2010-05-26 Bad Rating 48.3%

WoW....this Babe Is Incredible...! She Could Definitely Be On Desperate Housewives. This My Friends Is What We Call A "Trophy Wife"...! Whoever Gets To Call This Wifey Or Even Fuck Is A Lucky Lucky Individual!

Sleepy Ex Slut

Added 2010-05-26 Bad Rating 47.7%

Playing With My Sleeping Ex Girlfriend Until She Woke Up, Then I Fucked Her Sill And Came All Over Her Face... - Those Are Hilarious. My Fav Is The Dildo Insert Pic...!

This Chunky I Hooked Up With After The Club

Added 2010-05-26 Bad Rating 46.7%

Hot Snatch And Rack Pics Of A Girl From New York I Fucked After Clubbing One Night... - When Did You Pick Her Up...after Last Call...?

Sexy Ex From College - Now A Two Bit Slutty Cougar

Added 2010-05-25 Bad Rating 48.9%

Sexy Ex Shows Off For The Camera And Has Sex. She Was A Good Fuck Back In The Day. I Can Only Imagine How Many Notches She Has On Her Belt. I Must Have Been At Least The 150 Mark, And That Was Years Ago. She's Sprouted A Few Kids Since Then As Well.

Kim's Booty

Added 2010-05-25 Bad Rating 48.8%

I Love My Ex's Skinny Ass. Nice Tits Too. Never Shaved Her Pussy Though, Too Bad. It Was Still Tight And Wet Though... - Would You Have It Any Other Way...?

Maura Around The House

Added 2010-05-25 Bad Rating 48.7%

Some Photos From Before The Move. When We Moved Out Of Our Last Place I Suggested The Idea Of Taking Some Photos To Remember The Good Times. Let's Just Say We Created Some More Memories For The Ages...!

My Swedish Ex Girlfriend

Added 2010-05-25 Bad Rating 47%

Now There's A Ripe Used Ass. Love Those Panties Too. Love How Your Hungry Bum Just Sucks Em In Between Your Cheeks. I Can Only Imagine How That Round Brown Hole Opens Up For Some Anal Fun...!

My Sister-in-law Nataliya

Added 2010-05-24 Bad Rating 49.5%

My Sister-in-law Just Loves The Cock. I'm Always Wondering What If She Joined In. This May Be A Long Shot But I'll Always Have In The Back Of My Mind

Fucking My Wife - I Fucked Her Like A Cheap Whore

Added 2010-05-24 Bad Rating 49.6%

Me Fucking My Wife In These Pics. She Was Always Shy When I'd Bring Up The Subject Of Being On Cam...but A Few Bottles Of Wine Will Open A Lot Of Gates!

Cheating Ex!!

Added 2010-05-24 Bad Rating 46.9%

My Cheating Whore Ex!! She Was Fun In Bed!! That Was The Only Good Thing About Her!!... - Hey At Least You Got One Thing Besides An STD Out Of It Right. Some Dudes Aren't Always So Lucky!

Stephanie Foster Hiking Signal Knob Trail Va.

Added 2010-05-24 Bad Rating 45.8%

A Camping Trip We Took In Front Royal Va. I've Never Had So Much Outdoor Crazy Sex As I Did That Trip. Believe It Or Not We Fucked In A Tree Hanging From A Cliff. Best Nut Ever...!

Hazel Yates, MILF I Used To Bang

Added 2010-05-23 Bad Rating 48.6%

A Real Kinky Woman, Used To Love Dick, Anyone's Dick... - I Used To Bang An Older Woman Like Hazel. I Used To Do Yard Work For My Folks And There Was Some Horny Widowed Housewife Next Door. I Lapped At That Roast Beef For A Few Months!

Rrrrr...My EX

Added 2010-05-23 Bad Rating 48.3%

My Ex...she Was A Good Fuck While It Lasted. I Thought She Just A Nympho...but Then Realized She Was A WHORE. And To Top It All Off...she Gave Me The Clap!


Added 2010-05-23 Bad Rating 47.7%

This Is A Bit Awkward But Whatever. A Naked Woman Is Most Likely Someone's Mother. Regardless She's Not Bad For A Mountain Lion. I'd Give Her A Round Or Two...!

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