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A Puta

Added 2010-02-04 Bad Rating 46.8%

This Is My Brazilian Ex. She Was A Real Puta! She Loves The Swinger Lifestyle.

Sexy Little Pina

Added 2010-02-03 Bad Rating 49.5%

Janet Loves Getting Naked For The Camera. She Is A Sexy Little Pina. Stay Tuned For More Of Her.

51 Year Old Slut

Added 2010-02-03 Bad Rating 48.8%

She Is Back And More Ready. Let Her Know What You Think, She Might Trade On The Side. She's A 51 Year Old Slut.

I Corrupted This One In The Swing World, Innocent Girl

Added 2010-02-03 Bad Rating 47.8%

I Corrupted This Innocent Woman Into The Swing World, And Defiled Her Pretty Badly.

Bath Room Girl

Added 2010-02-03 Bad Rating 44.9%

This Is A Hot Milf I Fucked While I Was On Vacation. She Gave These To Me As A Gift, But She Was Smart Enough To Block Her Face.

Hot Ruby

Added 2010-02-02 Good Rating 51.3%

This Is Ruby. She Is A Real Sex Pott. I Can't Tell If Those Huge Boobs Are Real Or Fake. My Money Is On Fake!

Sharing Some Pics Of This Slut

Added 2010-02-02 Bad Rating 48.5%

Some Pictures I Took Of A Slut I Used To Fuck While Her Pussy Was Hairy And Then Trimmed.

My Anal Slave

Added 2010-02-02 Bad Rating 45.3%

This Anal Freak Does Whatever I Want. She Is A Sex Driven Maniac And I Love Getting In Her Ass.

UK Ex London

Added 2010-02-01 Bad Rating 47%

Found Emails And Photos Of My Exgirlfriend From Her Cheating So I'm Posting Them Here. Enjoy This London Whore.

Laura My Mates Mum

Added 2010-02-01 Bad Rating 46.4%

This Is Laura. Our Submitter Says That He Is Friends With Her Son, But It's A Bit Too Good To Be True If You Ask Me.

Abby The Asian Milf

Added 2010-02-01 Bad Rating 45.6%

Abby The Asian Milf Needs A Single Or Married Man With Lots Of Money, And A Big Fist. I Had All Of Those Things Luckily For Her.

Models Or Girl Friends Over The Last 10 Years

Added 2010-02-01 Bad Rating 48.1%

I Enjoy Shooting Outdoor Venues With My Girlfriends Over The Last 10 Years. Some Of Them Are Scanned.

Hungarian Wife Cica

Added 2010-01-30 Bad Rating 47.3%

Home Erika Cica. This Is The Second Set Of My Hungarian Wife. Hot Piece Of Pussy Anywhere In The World.


Added 2010-01-30 Bad Rating 45.1%

My Ex Loved Getting It From Behind, And Swallowing My Payload Down Her Throat. Too Bad She Didn't Everytime And Now I'm A Dad.

Sexy Milf

Added 2010-01-30 Bad Rating 44.9%

This Milf Used To Be Really Fat, But She's Lost A Ton Of Weight And Now She Loves My Cock.

Squirting Chics

Added 2010-01-30 Bad Rating 43.3%

This Girl Is A Squirter, That Is Why I Love Fucking Her. She Is A Hot Latina Too.


Added 2010-01-29 Bad Rating 47.4%

My Ex Gf Was A Shit Shag, But Somehow She Still Cheated On Me With 4 Different Guys! She Is From Norfolk UK.

Sexy Blonde Ex GF

Added 2010-01-29 Bad Rating 46.7%

Sexy Mature Female Likes To Show Her Ass And Clit. What Better Place Than This?

Crazy Bitch

Added 2010-01-28 Bad Rating 49.3%

This Girl Was A Goddess And She Had A Perfect Body. She Was A Little Crazy Though.

Italian Slave

Added 2010-01-28 Bad Rating 47.9%

Some Pictures Of A Woman Who Used To Be My Italian Slave. Monica Loved To Get Abused!

Back In The Days

Added 2010-01-28 Bad Rating 48%

She Was Chubby But It Was All Good. These Are Old, And She Is Even Bigger Now.

My First Older Lady

Added 2010-01-28 Bad Rating 46.8%

Met Her From The Internet. She Was Twice My Age But Still Could Perform

Abby The Asian Milf

Added 2010-01-27 Bad Rating 49.5%

This Is My Soon To Be Ex She Just Lays There And Opens Her Huge Hole. Her Name Is Abby, The Asian Milf!

Home Wife

Added 2010-01-27 Bad Rating 46.6%

My Sexy Hungarian Wife Posing For My Camera At Home Late At Night. Miss Her.

A Real Exhibitionist

Added 2010-01-27 Bad Rating 46.5%

My Lady Friend Is Shy To Show Her Face, But Not Too Shy To Show Everything Else. Real Milf Exhibitionist!


Added 2010-01-27 Bad Rating 45.2%

It Took Me A Long Time To Get These Photos, But When She Delivered, It Was Pretty Great.

This Woman Is Evil. Should I Miss Her?

Added 2010-01-26 Good Rating 50.9%

Her Name Is Meagan, I Think She Is An Evil Bitch, But I Do Still Miss Banging Her.

40 Year Old With Big Tits

Added 2010-01-26 Bad Rating 48.7%

Pictures Of Heather Posing. She Is 40 And She Has Huge Tits. Enormous!

Lynn Models Indoors And Ouside

Added 2010-01-26 Bad Rating 46.3%

Lynn Is A Lovely Ex Girl Friend From Phoenix. She Prefers Modeling Outside As Opposed To Inside. Beautiful Surroundings And Beautiful Girl.

My Ex Ladies

Added 2010-01-26 Bad Rating 43.6%

I Was Never Silly Enough To Marry Any Of These Women, But I Certainly Gave A Few Facials.

Loves Anal

Added 2010-01-25 Bad Rating 48.6%

This Was The Only Thing I Ever Enjoyed Doing With My Ex. She Was A Big Butt Slut.

Marta, 38 Y/o Mature Wife Fucking

Added 2010-01-25 Bad Rating 47.9%

My Wife Just Started To Enjoy BDSM. She Is 38 Years Old And Loves To Be Tied Up And Double Penetrated.


Added 2010-01-25 Bad Rating 46.6%

Mature Bird Getting Her Holes Stuffed. As If We Can't See Who She Is. I Could Pick Her Out Of A Lineup.

Anal Spanish Amateur

Added 2010-01-25 Bad Rating 46.4%

My Girl Wouldn't Show Her Face, But She Is A Hot Latina, Take My Word For It.

Just Another Cheating Ex Wife

Added 2010-01-24 Good Rating 50.2%

Just Another Cheating Wife Getting Exposed. I Wish I Had Some Dirtier Pictures Of Her Not Being Hot In A Waterfall.

Jesse Lynn

Added 2010-01-24 Bad Rating 49%

She Broke My Heart. So I Broke Her Box. This Is Jesse Lynn's Hairy Beaver.


Added 2010-01-24 Bad Rating 43.7%

This Is My Ex Wife. Her Face Was Pretty Busted, But She Would Be Down For Whatever Whenever She Was Drunk.

Beth An Airline Stewardess

Added 2010-01-23 Good Rating 50.7%

Met Her On The Redeye From LA To Detroit And She Had A 2 Day Layover So I Showed Her Around. Beth Was A Stewardess.

Shannon Loves To Peel Her Pussy Lips Part II

Added 2010-01-23 Bad Rating 47.6%

Shannon Has Big Beef Curtains. Check Out Her Busted Pussy. Exchanges Welcome

Random Girls.

Added 2010-01-23 Bad Rating 44.8%

This Girl Is From The Dirty South. She Sent Me Some Cell Phone Pictures.

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